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After being in the construction renovation industry for 40 years, Rob finally found a product that has proven to help his knees. Robs family owned business has been selling this proven product for 27 years and resides in Ariss, ON.

When safety is an issue, the flat design of Kneel-Rite Air Cushioned Knee Pads minimizes the rocking experience as found in other knee pad designs. If you ever had a medical issue with your knees the Air Cushioned Kneel-Rite Knee Pads could be the answer for a more comfortable kneeling application!

They have a memory! They will be as comfortable your first day using them as they will recover and be VERY COMFORTABLE 3 months or 3 years and down the road... AND they will NOT MARK YOUR FLOORS!

We focus on the well being on individuals and how much your knees will thank you for purchasing this item.

WHY Kneel-Rite Knee pads are BETTER than Gel-filled knee pads!!

  1. Kneel-Rite Pads will take a screw or nail punctures and not ooz out Gel and damage your new installed floor.
    You do not have to replace a gel pack or replace the knee pad.
  2. Kneel-Rite Pads do not have to be replaced after a puncture because of their unique design.
    They do not use a Gel solution to give you comfort.
  3. Kneel-rite knee pads will give you many hours of comfort! They are built with memory AND DO NOT COMPRESS.
    They return to their original shape every time. No need to buy replacement inserts to keep the comfort.
  4. Kneel-Rite's flat bottom designed surface, eliminates rocking side to side while on your knees.
    Takes away the stress on your knee joints.

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